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Calrec S2 60ch


Multi-Track Machines:

Avid Pro Tools HDX




API 3124 12ch

Avalon VT373 sp 2ch

BAE 1073D

Chandler TG2 8ch

Neve 1076 2ch

Telefunken V72 12ch

Telefunken V76



Apogee Symphony 32 in / 32 out

Apogee AD-16X

Apogee DA-16X

Digidesign 192


Reverbs & Delays:

EMT 140 Stereo Plate

EMT 246

Fulltone TTE

Guyatone Echo Chamber EM77

Korg Signal Delay

Lexicon Prime Time

Lexicon 480L

Maestro EchoPlex

Master Room

Roland Space Echo 201

TC Electronic System 6000

TC Reverb 4000

TC 2290

Watkins CopyCat

String Instruments:

Alhambra 9P

Casio Midi Guitar MG-510

Danelectro 1304 (U1)

Fender Telecaster Thinline CS

Fender Stratocaster Fiesta Red CS

Fender Stratocaster (Sunburst)

Fender Jaguar (Crossroads)

Fender Stratocaster (Sunburst)

Fender Stratocaster CS (white)

Fender Stratocaster CS (Desert Sand)

Fender Telecaster American Standard

Fender Telecaster (Sunburst) Self-build

Fender Telecaster (Fiasta Red) Self-build

Fender Dua Sonic

Fender Jazz Bass

Fender Precision

Framus Banjo

Gibson ES347

Gibson ES330

Gibson Mandolin

Gibson J45

Gibson L-00

Gibson L-00

Gibson White Falcon (flying V)

Gibson SG Junior

Gibson Les Paul Studio light

Gibson Les Paul Custom

Hofner Violin Bass 500/1

Martin S-O UKE

Martin D-35

Martin D-18

Martin N-10

Martin OO-28c

Martin O-18

Martin O-18

Martin D 12-20

Martin OM-28v

Martin D-42

National Dobro


Yamaha CG120Yamaha FG375s

Eq & Dynamics:

Aphex Aural Exciter Type C Stereo

Avalon 7474SP Stereo

Chandler TG1 Stereo

Chandler Zener Limiter Stereo

Chandler Curve Bender Stereo

Collins Limiting Amp

DBX 165 Stereo

DBX 165X Stereo

DBX FS900 Stereo

Distressor Stereo

Eli DerrEsser

Invard Connection TSL-3 Stereo

Neumann OE Duo 930.03 Stereo

Shadow HIlls Mono Optograph

Tube-Tech CL 1A Stereo

Tube-Tech PE 1C Stereo

Teletronix LA2A

Urei 1176

Urei LA4 3ch


Arp Solina

Arp Odysey

Critter and Guitari Pocket Piano GR

Critter and Guitari Bolsa Bass

Dave Smith Tetra

Farfisa Compact

Fender Rhodes Mark I

Four voice analog synth

Hammond B3

Hammond M3

Hohner Melodica

Hohner D6

Karlstad Harmonium

Korg Monotripe

Korg MS-10

Korg MS-20

Korg Vocoder

Korg Delta

Korg Polysix

Korg MonoPoly

Leslei 122

Leslei 147

Moog Model D

Moog Subsequent 37

Moog Rouge

Nord electro 3HP

Nord Piano 2HP

Roland SH2

Roland Juno 60

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

Sequential Circuits  Dave Smith Prophet 6

Steinway and Sons Grand Piano


Vintage Vibe

Wurlitzer 200A

Yamaha CP70

Yamaha CS60

Yamaha SY1

Yamaha Organ



AEA R-44


AEA R-92 3x

AKG D112 2x

AKG C 414B-ULS 2x

AKG C 414 3x

AKG C12a 2x

Beyer Dynamic 201 2x

Beyer Dynamic M 160N 2x

Beyer Dynamic M 130N 2x

Beyer Dynamic TG150d

Beyer Dynamic M88

Beyer Dynamic M69 TG 3x

Beyer Dynamic M69 N (Vintage)

Beyer Dynamic V70d 2x

Beyer Dynamic

N500 (Vintage)

Beyer Dynamic TG D58c 2x

Coles 4038 4x

DPA D: Facto

Electro Voice RE-50

Electro Voice RE-20 5x

Electro Voice 635A

Electro Voice

Flea 12 2x

Flea 49 2x

Hohner Blue Bullet

Neumann KM 84i 6x

Neumann KM 83 2x

Neumann KM 84 2x

Neumann U67

Neumann U87 2x

Philips 952229 2x

Sennheiser MD421 3x

Sennheiser e602

Shure Unidynes 55A 2x

Shure 520DX - Green bullet

Shure Beta 87a

Shure Beta 58 2x

Shure SM 57 7x

Shure 10A

Shure 548sd

Shure 330

Shure SM7b 2x

Shure Beta 91

Shure Beta 52

Sony C38a 3x

RCA 77 B

Telefunken KM 54 2x

Telefunken U47

Telefunken U67


Yamaha Sub Kick



Adam S3A

Adam Sub12

Tannoy DM250

Genelec 1094a Sub

Yamaha NS10

Yamaha HS8S Sub

JBL L100

Drums and Percussion:

CC 20" 14" 16"

Gretsch 14" Snare

Gretsch Black Hawk

Istanbul 20"

Istanbul 16"

Ludwig 22", 20", 16", 14", 13"

Ludwig 14" Supraphonic Snare

Rodgers 22" 16" 14" 13"

Sabian AA Raw Ride 20"

Slingerland Radio King Snare

Sonor Swinger 20" 14" 16"

Sonor 14" Snare

Sonor 14" Pancake Snare

Zildian A custom 18"

Zildian Hihat A Custom

Zildian Kerope 18"

Zildian Kerope 16"

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